Coffee with Candy

About Us

Welcome to Café et Bonbon, where we believe in the magic of shared moments and the simple pleasures that make life beautiful. Our story is inspired by the heartwarming bond between a mother and her daughter in their local coffee shop around coffee and bonbon.

The mother orders her usual flat white. The daughter, her eyes shining with excitement,
receives a colorful piece of bonbon alongside her mom’s coffee. And that’s how they
embark on the beautiful journey of impulsive online shopping and people watching 👀

Siblings choosing Dessert in coffee shop

In this small haven, conversations flow effortlessly, worries fade, laughter fills the air and countless of selfies are taken. Bonding and quality time doesn’t have to happen in a planned way or in kids designated areas… the coffee shop around the corner can do the trick!

Join us in celebrating the power of a shared cup of coffee and a piece of candy.